Summer 2016 Updates

Wow! It is already the end of July and summer is winding down. It’s been busy, both personally and author-ly(?), and I realized after updating my social media accounts with my new author photo that I haven’t written a blog post this month. Now, that’s not a huge deal. I don’t have posts mapped out […]

Baby Steps

In the past few weeks I have: Seen the first mockups for my book cover Set a date to get my final edits back Researched formatting, a potential audiobook, copyright questions, ISBN info and MORE Written flap copy Outlined my acknowledgements page And finally…started FREAKING OUT that in the fall I am actually self-publishing my […]

Next Steps

In the past week, I’ve found someone to edit my first two manuscripts, as well as hooked up with a designer to mock up eBook covers. It’s strange to actually find myself moving forward, and to know that in the near future I will have some tangible evidence that I am really doing this. That […]