A Holiday Sale for Book Lovers

The holiday season is upon us—that came quickly, didn’t it?!—and there’s no more perfect time for giving.

Author Jane Smiley, who lived in Iowa for a time, is quoted as saying, ““Many people, myself among them, feel better at the mere sight of a book.” What better gift, then, could you give?!

So, feeling in the holiday spirit, I’m setting three of my eBooks at $0.99 on all outlets (listed here: michelleschlicher.com/books) until the New Year. The Blue Jay eBook, my debut novel, will be set at FREE until the end of January, which happens to be National Mentoring Month. Last year I was late setting that up, so this year, why not be early? My hope is that if you buy/download a book at this lower price and enjoy the book, you consider purchasing the paperback for that someone special you know who loves to read. Paperbacks are available at the following places:


Thanks for supporting an indie author! Have a happy holiday season! ♥


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