LIVE: Me & Milo the Great

It’s pub day!!

I am beyond excited for this baby to be out in the world.

Holiday wasn’t always an easy character to write, but her story poured out of me once I decided I wanted to write it. Keep in mind, prior to December 2016 I’d only written a little over 15k and was back and forth on whether I wanted to work on this particular MS or another I had started (that other MS may never come to be as I began a completely new story shortly after finishing MMTG).

I sat down at my computer and wrote a few scenes. Before I knew it, the holidays had passed and my character’s story was well on its way. Holiday Sanchez had come to life.

The journey Holiday goes on is difficult to read at times because you will want to fix her. It was important to me that she came across this way because when you are faced with a loved one going through something, all you want to do is fix it for them. At least that’s my first reaction to their distress. How can I fix it? But you can’t always fix things, and this is where Milo grew from.

The idea for the story also grew from the fact that I find magic fascinating. I know that tricks are illusions, but WHAT IF THEY WEREN’T? I so love the IDEA of magic and I don’t think I’m alone in this, seeing how far some of the magicians went on AGT this season. (My family loves that show.)

It’s always hard to explain where an idea comes from. You see something, remember something, experience something. Small parts of your story come from all different places. In this case, my mind pulled from several things I loved to create this book.

I truly hope you enjoy it.

Here are the order links for MMTG:

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And don’t forget to leave a review, tell your friends, spread the word. I appreciate your support! ♥ 🎩


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