Summer 2016 Updates

Wow! It is already the end of July and summer is winding down. It’s been busy, both personally and author-ly(?), and I realized after updating my social media accounts with my new author photo that I haven’t written a blog post this month. Now, that’s not a huge deal. I don’t have posts mapped out or scheduled, but I do have a book coming out yet this year and I want to keep all of you informed.

So, what have I been up to? Well, as I said, today I’ve been busy updating my social media accounts with a new photo of myself. Here it is below.


I had a lot of fun shooting with Jaime Hough. I left the shoot feeling at ease and was really happy with the results. Jaime is easy to talk to, she’s funny and she knows what she’s doing. Here are a few of my other favorite shots from the shoot. They aren’t what I need for my book jacket/social media sites, but they are fun, casual photos that you usually don’t get to see of yourself.

0W6A8866   0W6A9331

On the book front, I have started writing a new manuscript. I haven’t gotten far, but this book is flowing pretty well from my head to my hands and I’m typing away. One difference with this story is that it is written in first person point of view. This has been more difficult than I originally expected, but a fun challenge nonetheless.

As I’ve begun this new manuscript, I have also been looking over my finished MS for Book #3. I’m still aiming to release before the new year.

Currently, I am also running a Facebook contest through this Sunday for an autographed copy of The Blue Jay and a $15 Amazon gift card. You can find the contest on my Facebook page. THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED!

I hope you are all enjoying summer and reading some awesome books! I’m always looking for new reads, so leave your latest in the comments below!


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