eBook Pre-Order Now Available!

Heads up! The eBook pre-order links are now up for my next novel, Gracie’s Song. I am eager to share this book with you, hence the pre-order links. You can order it now for $2.99 and have it delivered straight to your device on publication day.

What is the book about? I’m glad you asked! Here’s the text from the back cover:

“Everything can be undone.” That’s what someone tells Gracie Brannen, but she’s doubtful. After graduation, she walked away from everyone she knew with barely a word. Ten years later, she’s back. Even as familiar places and faces bring back old pain, Gracie finds hope in rebuilding old ties and forging new ones. Maybe everything can’t be undone, but perhaps everything can be overcome.

Gracie’s Song is another contemporary novel, set in the fictional southern town of Glenwood. It’s part self-acceptance, part romance. It’s a different journey from The Blue Jay, but it weaves around the theme of forgiveness, giving it a familiar tie to that book as well.

Here are the links to pre-order:

Amazon eBook


Barnes & Noble


One last thing, during the pre-order for Gracie’s Song, The Blue Jay eBook has been priced down to just $0.99! It’s the perfect time to get both and be set for your spring break reading!


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