6 Reasons Why I Love My Local Library

There’s a cozy feeling that greets us when we walk into a library, isn’t there? That feeling is why we love when the Beast gives Belle her own library, why we feel at home every time we step through the doors of this special place and why we guard our library cards like they’re $100 bills. Or is that just me?


Here’s why I love my local library. Do you feel the same about yours?

  1. The feeling of community – The library is a place of connectedness. As a mom to two young children, I frequent the library not just to get books, but to engage them through crafts, community events, story time and many other ways. It’s one thing to read a book, it’s another to share in the experience with others.
  2. The books – When you walk through the doors of a library, there is a sense of optimism and promise. How many different worlds will you bring home with you today? As many as you can carry back to the car.
  3. The people – The staff of my own local library is awesome. From wailing children during story time to misplaced books, I’ve seen these booklovers take it all in stride.
  4. No one is selling anything  – There are not many places you can go without being asked to buy something. The library is a sacred place for those of us who want to be among people, but don’t necessarily want to spend money every time we leave the house.
  5. It’s ‘library quiet’ – This also speaks to the mom of young kiddos in me. There’s a special kind of a quiet in the library and, for the most part, children sense this. It’s a place to reflect, to read, to peruse bookshelves and see people of all ages finding their next story.
  6. There’s something for everyone – There are books, of course. All kinds of books. Movies. Music. iPads for the kiddos to play on. Computers for learning and research. Visiting the local library can be a fun family outing and, best of all, has the ability to leave us feeling even happier than we felt when we arrived.

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