Who Am I?

Today I got to thinking about who I want to be as an author. The Blue Jay, a story about a girl and the boy she’s mentoring, sounds like it could be YA, but the focus is definitely on Josie and she’s over the typical YA age group. So, I classified it as women’s fiction, but it could be considered new adult as well. Book 2 is definitely in the new adult category, but also flashes back quite a bit to the main character’s youth and has a bit of romance going on. Book 3 (which is still a ways off) features multiple storylines and characters of all ages…women’s fiction again, though I don’t necessarily like that classification.

While there are common themes within each book, they are also different in many ways. That got me thinking about what I am happy writing…and reading for that matter. I don’t like to read one genre, or one author. I have my favorites, and they are my favorites because they are so different from one another. What if one day I decide to write something in YA? Or something that’s closer to a thriller or mystery?

I suppose that’s another plus about self-publishing. I can publish whatever I want. I guess I’ll just have to see where inspiration takes me. This might be a problem I won’t be able to solve…and maybe that will be okay with all of you. Most of my stories have to do with some form of forgiveness, characters finding themselves and working through familial issues that have shaped who they are, but perhaps not who they will be. I like these types of stories…while simple, they speak to my heart and hopefully yours as well. Maybe I shouldn’t worry about who I am as a writer so much and think more about how to bring all these characters from my head to my word doc and eventually to you.

Do you tend to find one author and read only their books and books similar to those written by that author? If that author changes it up, are you upset that they did so, spending time writing something you aren’t excited about instead of working on the next book from their expected genre?


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