Second Novel and Other Updates

Even before The Blue Jay was published, I knew I wanted a relatively short time between launching book #1 and book #2. I won’t start working on book #2 edits for another few weeks. However, once I start working, I hope to hit my timeline goal of launching it around the beginning of March.

First, I feel like I should say: Book #2 is not a sequel. I know readers love for stories to span many books. But for now, I am excited to introduce new characters.

Here’s a look at the projects on my radar right now…

  • Move forward with the audiobook for The Blue Jay
  • Complete my own edits of book #2 before passing the MS along
  • Oversee book #2’s cover art (which is already in the first stages of development)
  • Continue marketing The Blue Jay halloween-1373998154P5r

On their own, each of these things is a big project. I’ve got my work cut out for me. BUT, I am so thrilled to be this far along in my writing journey. In between working on these items on my to-do list, I am also hosting my soon-to-be five-year-old’s Halloween birthday party this month. This adds another layer to the busyness right now, or at least it will once a dozen kiddos descend upon our house. If you have any spooky party ideas, let me know…and stay tuned for more updates on book #2!


One thought on “Second Novel and Other Updates

  1. This might be too early for 5 year olds but you could blind fold them and pass around peeled grapes in one bowl and spaghetti in another bowl and ask them what they think it is:)

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