Book Release Day

IMG_20150923_073301Today is the day! The Blue Jay is now ON SALE!!!

I am beyond excited to release this book out into the world. It’s been in the works for a long time and I’m extremely thankful to all of the people who have helped make my dream a reality. I am still pinching myself!

Below is a link to the ebook and paperback on Amazon.

Amazon     |     Barnes & Noble    |     Apple     |     Kobo

For Apple, B&N and Kobo users, the book will be available at a later date. Part of what I’ve learned through this self-publishing journey is that things don’t always go quite how you planned. There is a lag time from it showing up on Smashwords and getting out to the sites listed above. However, if you don’t want to wait, there is an option to purchase directly through Smashwords.

There is also an audiobook in the works that will be downloadable through Amazon once it is complete. I will keep you posted on that and do another blog post once it’s available.

If you have won a signed copy of the book, it will be shipped out to you shortly!

For those of you who go on to read the book…


Thank you for taking a chance on me. Thank you for being my first fans. And thank you for allowing Josie and Payton into your heart.

And whether you like the book or not (though especially if you like it!), please consider leaving an honest review of it on Amazon and Goodreads. Reviews really do help readers decide if they want to read your book. The more reviews the better!

Happy reading!!


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