Next Steps

In the past week, I’ve found someone to edit my first two manuscripts, as well as hooked up with a designer to mock up eBook covers. It’s strange to actually find myself moving forward, and to know that in the near future I will have some tangible evidence that I am really doing this. That I am actually striving to reach this goal.

I believe in these stories, these characters.  I’ve put so much into them. So, when I think about the day that something I’ve written lands in the hands of someone I don’t know and makes a difference in their life in some way, it excites me. Isn’t it every writer’s dream, to reach out to someone else with their words? To help others experience something new they might otherwise not experience? Or, feel something that allows them to evolve and progress?

Writing has a power that not many other things do. An eloquent speech can change the world. A well-written movie scene can open an audience’s eyes to injustice, to the possibility of change and, in my opinion most importantly, to the wonder of love. A thought-provoking news article can give powerful insights to the medical world, the political arena or the current state of the economy by including stories from the actual people all around us, people who are suffering and overcoming. Whatever avenue of writing a person embarks on, a well-crafted story leaves us more humanized, more open to what others are going through. We are better able to understand each other through the sharing of our stories. And in doing so, we create an awareness within ourselves of others’ obstacles, tragedies, joys and triumphs, and we carry that with us as we walk through life.

When I put pen to paper, in the beginning, I am doing so to further my story, the one that I want to tell. It isn’t until later, when I allow myself to be vulnerable and share what I’ve created with others, that I realize it has become more than just my story. Every reader will bring different experiences to it. They may relate to particular characters because of those experiences and find meaning where I hadn’t even realized there was any. That is powerful, and it is why I continue to write, even when I’m unsure of myself and that cloud of doubt looms overhead.

So, if, in the back of your mind, there’s a hint of an idea burgeoning, I say listen to that voice.

Tell your story.

Someone out there wants to hear it.


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