Writing Time

“You’re a stay-at-home mom? Of course you have time to write! You’re home!”

This is what I think the reaction would be if I actually told more people I’ve been writing.

Oh, how I wish it was the case. But, oh boy, it’s definitely not.

Sometimes I daydream about sitting with my laptop, creating a moving storyline while two sweet little girls sit next to me reading or coloring or playing ‘quietly’ together. Yes, that is the dream. The reality? Two crazy heathens (and I say heathens in the most loving of ways) that know their mama’s attention is elsewhere. It’s kind of like when your friend calls you to catch up, your long-lost friend you haven’t seen or heard from in weeks or (eek!) months, and your daughter takes that exact moment to sing at the top of her lungs, or chase her sister around the dining table, or stand at your feet begging to just “Let me talk!”

I try to write at night, but usually get droopy eyelids or my brain turns to mush in the middle of trying to fix a plot problem. Both of which are no good for upping my word count and bringing me closer to The End.

The fact that I’ve written as much as I have still astonishes me. I really couldn’t tell you where I found the time. Naps, which can last anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours, are about the only time I know for sure that I’ll at least be able to write something. I do owe a few thousand words to my husband who will occasionally give into my pleading eyes for an hour or two of writing time at the local coffee shop or library on the weekends.

I’m realizing that I’m writing this all at 10:30 at night when I could be working on my ms. Too late. Now the droopy eyelids are setting in…


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