A Few of My Favorite Indie Movies

1. Stuck in Love

It’s a love story times three. It’s about a writer, er, family of writers. One of the main characters is Greg Kinnear. Swoon. I love this movie for so many reasons, but mostly because it pushed me to start writing again after a long hiatus of, well…wishing I was writing.

2. What If

This is a pretty recent one. It’s predictable, but Zoe Kazan and Daniel Radcliffe have great chemistry. There are a lot of cliches and you know how it will end long before it’s over, but it left me with that warm fuzzy feeling only the best romantic comedies do.

3. Take This Waltz

Can Michelle Williams even make a bad movie? I’m not just saying that because we share the same first name, or because I was a huge Dawson’s Creek fan back in the day. She is one of my favorites and her performance in this movie is breathtaking! Anyway, Seth Rogen is in this, too, and I really liked seeing him in a different type of character. Definitely one to check out if you haven’t seen it!

4. The Descent

Say what? I do watch non-romance-themed movies from time to time…

Okay, so I don’t watch a lot of horror movies these days. After I had kids, I just couldn’t stomach them anymore. Luckily, I saw this before the girls were born. It’s edge-of-your-seat scary.


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